Traditional Business Bank Loan


  • Traditional Business Bank Loan

    This traditional business bank loan is completely different than a typical cash advance. This program is for our premium credit clients and offers the following: 

    2-4 year terms 
    Payment is made only twice a month (no daily payments) 
    Interest rates from 8%-25% max 
    Provides you with triple the amount a cash advance can normally qualify your company for 
    Personal Guarantee 

    In order to qualify for this type of loan you need to meet the following criteria: (Keep in mind, that if you do not meet the criteria below we can still provide you with a MCA or ACH Program) 

    620+ Fico Score 
    In business for at least 2 years 
    Annual Sales Revenue of at least $250,000 
    At least 2 years of “clean” personal and business credit history 
    No unresolved personal or business tax liens (If you’re in a payment plan then this should not be a problem as long as you have proof to submit to us) 


    • 1 page application
    • Last 3 months of bank statements (All pages) 
    • Copy of last year’s tax return