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Our Franchise Financing Program allows you to obtain the capital you need for cash flow, upgrades, renovations, expansion, or anything you see fit. Getting approved for a franchise loan at a bank can be frustrating. Many banks have very strict requirements and will not lend the money you need to take your franchise to the next level. They require franchise owners to have excellent credit and must be in business for many years. Due to many of their strict requirements, many franchise owners get denied for franchise loans.

Running a franchise business takes many high-quality traits. One of the most necessary resources needed is money. Sometimes, the money is not there when you want to make the business improvements that will further success. 

Franchise Business Loans exist for this exact purpose. Instead of saving for years to complete a project, you can start now and reap the benefits immediately while paying it off.

What is a Franchise Loan?

Franchise loans aid franchised businesses in their expansion or improvement, among other goals in this article. 

Loans of this type are a good resource when you have the perfect franchise opportunity in mind, but it is financially out of reach. Having a million-dollar idea doesn’t mean you need a million dollars to accomplish it; it means you need to know where to get help.  

How Can You Use Your Franchise Funding?

Franchise funding through business loans is an option for advancing projects. Some of these projects include:


A remodel of your franchise business is more than a way to increase aesthetic enjoyment, although that is an advantage. Remodels benefit everyone that is involved in the business sphere. 

  • Business owners have the opportunity to express their values and workplace culture. 
  • High-quality employees are motivated by the fresh and ambitious atmosphere.
  • Existing clients see the dedication to details and experience.
  • All of the above increases profits by attracting new clients to the business. 


When a franchise is thriving, it helps to look the part. Franchise business loans are the answer to remodel the funding you desire.

New Store Builds

Adding new locations to your franchise business is vital to drawing in new clients that would otherwise not have your service available in their area. Building costs, hiring staff, and advertising the new location are costly. Franchise loans can streamline the process to get your business up and running faster.


Maybe you started in a location that you found perfect for your goals. But you ended up finding something better. When this happens, relocation may be the best decision to make. 

Relocations can be expensive. This cost depends on where you want to move. When you may not have the money upfront, a franchise loan can get you where you need to be as quickly as possible.

Equipment Upgrades

Having efficient and up-to-date equipment will improve every day-to-day action. Clients benefit from upgrades in equipment just as much as the employees using them. This improvement in experience keeps existing clients visiting your business and brings in new ones when they hear of the new efficient and streamlined process. 

Depending on what kind of equipment you want to upgrade, it can cost thousands of dollars. These costs increase if you upgrade more than one location or multiples of the same item. Franchise loans can get you the best equipment when you see the need. 

New Business Opportunities

One of the most intriguing reasons to consider a franchise business loan is its versatility. Ultimately, the franchise business owner controls their loan and which areas of their business they would like to see improvements.

Maybe your idea doesn’t include any of the above, but you are confident it will bring results. In this instance, a franchise business loan should be on top of one’s priority list.

Why Choose KEF Capital to Fund Your Franchise?

At KEF Capital, we believe in your business ideas. Applying for a franchise business loan at a traditional bank can be frustrating because of strict requirements that exclude businesses that would otherwise benefit from such a service. We avoid this experience at KEF Capital by streamlining the process and making it as easy for our clients as possible.

Things to Keep in Mind Considering a Franchise Business Loan

Franchise business loans bring many benefits but getting one should still be thoughtful and considered alongside other business factors. Some of these factors that you will need to complete an application but also to make the best decision for yourself are:

Credit History

Your credit history is a record to show that you are reliable as a borrower. While business credit history is necessary, personal credit history is equally so. Someone’s credit trends tend to follow how they conduct business credit. Credit scores can change, so do not despair if yours is not in top shape!

Financial Information

Your financial information includes the majority of paperwork that you have probably hoarded away for years. These include banking statements, tax returns, income statements, and current debts.

Basic Information

The basic information that will be required to apply for your loan are things that should be easy to obtain if you don’t have them readily available. The most important are your resume, business license, business permits, personal background information, valid ID, and other legal documents.

Business Plan

Your business plan is how you will communicate your vision to your lender. Take this opportunity to share what you plan to accomplish with your loan, who you want to work with, and your plan for business success.

Receive a Franchise Business Loan at KEF Capital

Does this sound like the solution you need?

Apply now through our website and allow one of our funding specialists to contact you on how easy it is for you to get approved. Your business goals are now within reach.


  • Application
  • Last 3 Months of Bank Statements
  • Last 3 Months of CC Processing statements (if applicable)

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