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Freight Broker

With KEF Capital’s invoice factoring service, you can have your cash today, while holding control of your business. We understand cash flow is vital to your business, as one of the leading invoice factoring companies we are here to partner with you.

Invoice Factoring 3 Easy Steps

a load and dispatch a truck

your invoice and paperwork after confirming delivery

Get Paid
the way you want even the same day!

How KEF Capital Helps Freight Brokers

Freight Factoring with KEF Capital’s Financial is a smart solution to manage your cash flow, and cover expenses like fuel, insurance, maintenance and payroll without creating debt for your business. In addition to providing immediate payment on freight bills, KEF Capital provides unbeatable customer service while helping you grow your business.


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What is Freight Factoring

Freight factoring is a financing method in which a trucking company sells their accounts receivable at a discount to a third-party funding source to increase cash flow. In other words, KEF Capital’s Financial buys invoices for the loads you’ve already delivered then collects from your customer. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: our team will prepare a customized plan based on the needs of your business. Once approved and setup is complete, you simply send us your invoices along with proof of delivery and the factoring company will pay you within 24 hours and generally the same day. You can continue to focus on running your business while we collect from your customer. When you freight factor with us, you also have greater access to the many other products and services and all delivered with the same level of commitment to outstanding Customer service.

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Your assets are the individuals you place. Do not lose them to payroll disruptions. KEF Capital can help you make sure your payroll is funded and you have your cash when you need it.

Invoice Factoring for Government Contractors

You should not wait to get paid, KEF capital allows you to get paid today. Turn to KEF Capital for your financing needs.

Invoice Factoring for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Our small business factoring service gives you cash without you giving up control of your business. Cash flow is the heartbeat of business and at KEF Capital we understand that.